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AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels

An Open-Source Model Constructed from the Visible Human Dataset


The AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels model is primarily based on the color cross-sectional images (“image slices”) in the male data set in the Visible Human Project [1]. When the images were ambiguous, the MRI and CT scan data in the same data set were used as reference to help resolve the ambiguities. The (pixel) resolution of the image slices is 1/3 × 1/3 mm2 in the x and y directions; and the slices are separated by 1 mm in the z direction. The voxel models were created in 4 steps:

  1. Cropping
  2. Masking
  3. Segmentation and Material Identification
  4. Coarsening and Extrusion

For a more detailed description of the methodology, please see Creating AustinMan: An Electromagnetic Voxel Model of the Visible Human [2].

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