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AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels

An Open-Source Model Constructed from the Visible Human Dataset

AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels v2.6

AustinMan v2.6 is an update for the whole-body AustinMan model. Change notes coming soon...

All 1878 slices are included in this model. Only the even slices (i.e. every 2 mm) were manually corrected for slices 1426—2000 and 2250—2360. The odd slices were obtained using the previous even slice and an automated script that competes certain pairs of materials. Therefore the odd slices are of lower fidelity than the even ones for these regions of the model. AustinMan v2.6 was completed on April 10, 2018. A list of materials identified in each slice can be found here.

See the FAQ for description of model formats.

Model Type Voxel Resolution Number of Voxels Files
Whole Body 1×1×1 mm3 104,328,722 .inp (27 GB); .unv (30 GB); .txt (19 MB);
.png (13 MB); .h5 (915 MB); CST (10 MB)
Whole Body 2×2×2 mm3 13,032,043 .inp (3.4 GB); .unv (3.7 GB); .txt (3.6 MB);
.png (2.8 MB); .h5 (115 MB); CST (1.9 MB)
Whole Body 4×4×4 mm3 1,624,856 .inp (432 MB); .unv (476 MB); .txt (729 KB);
.png (621 KB); .h5 (15 MB); CST (337 KB)
Whole Body 8×8×8 mm3 200,231 .inp (55 MB); .unv (60 MB); .txt (154 KB);
.png (151 KB); .h5 (1.9 MB); CST (59 KB)
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