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AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels

An Open-Source Model Constructed from the Visible Human Dataset

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There are currently multiple versions of the AustinMan model available for download. We strongly recommend you use the most current version of the model. Older versions are posted for validation and record-keeping purposes. The following pages include a description and important information for each model and a link to a UCD file containing the model. Note that you will need a password to access the files listed below. Please contact us to obtain a password to access these files.

AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels

Homogeneous AustinMan Electromagnetic Voxels

Due to the inherent inaccuracy of representing the entire human body with a single effective material, these models are not posted online. Users are strongly encouraged to use the heterogeneous models. Please contact us to discuss obtaining the homogeneous models.

Sphere Models

BRISKit, Segments, and Masks

The following files are provided for validation and improvement purposes by other groups.

Bioelectromagnetic Benchmarks

The models described on this page are also used for benchmarking electromagnetic solvers. The Bioelectromagnetic Benchmark website describes the methodology used to compare the different solvers and presents accuracy vs. efficiency plots for the solvers. The Bioelectromagnetic Benchmark website also has a link to download COMPASS-EM - a program developed to calculate the analytical scattering from spheres that was used in the benchmarking.